Mechanic Needed


  • 1st car mechanic: These mechanics can do every technical repair and maintenance independently without assistance or help. They have at least 5 years experience. These mechanics also know how to use a diagnosis computer to find out what might be wrong with a car;

  • 2nd car mechanic: These mechanics must be able to do every repair and maintenance, but are in their early years of their career. They have about three years experience. They can do all repairs and do (technical) diagnose, but need assistance of help and are not quick enough yet. So
    basically they can do every job a 1st mechanic can do but are not
    yet experienced enough, yet;

  • Service mechanic: That means this candidate changes the filters, oil and all other fluids that needs to be changed. Also he needs to check some standard things to make sure the car is ready to use for another period. The challenge in this job is to do standard activities repeatedly in a fast way and with a high quality.


  • Weekly net salary of 520-580€, depending on the experience and position;

  • Single Free room accommodation with TV+INTERNET

  • Long term full time offer;